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Q & A: A Journey of a Project Manager-Kishorenath Viswanathansarojini

We had an opportunity to discuss briefly the journey of Kishorenath Viswanathansarojini, PMI Certified seasoned Senior Technical Program/Project Manager with 16+ years of experience with a special focus in the areas of Information Security, Privacy, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Site Reliability Engineering, Resiliency in eCommerce Engineering space. Kishorenath has delivered numerous successful projects that have brought about a positive impact on the IT processes and systems and have garnered management recognition and accolades.

Gita Poudel (GP): How did you start your career?
Kishorenath Viswanathasarojini (KV):While doing my masters in the USA I had an opportunity to work in SAP America HQ at Newtown Square, PA as an intern in their prestigious Value Engineering department. That's the start of my career in the IT industry. From then to now, things have changed a lot.

GP: What was your dream job when you were a kid?
KV: When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a Scientist, as I had a special interest in Physics. But along with time, things changed and here I am now working as a Project Manager.

GP: How do you think you've changed from a new grad to a seasoned pro?
KV: My role as a Business Analyst intern at SAP America in the early days has helped me understand and assimilate into corporate culture easily. Since then I have focussed on building my career in the same line, from Business Analyst to Project Manager, working incorporates such as Cisco, Apple.

GP: What did it take to get from where you were to where you are now?
KV: Perseverance, hard work and constantly upgrading myself with the current trends in the industry and get certified. I always thrive on taking on challenges,

GP: What are your side projects? Do they help keep you going, or are they professional growth?
KV: My side projects at this point are pretty much at laying the groundwork for starting new businesses/advise companies on improving sales and business development. These certainly help me get going and poised to take shape when the right moment strikes.

GP: What kind of challenges do you face on a day to day work and how do you overcome them?
KV: The key aspect of Project Management, also the challenging part is effective negotiation and consensus building while dealing with diverse stakeholders/teams with different objectives. PM is more of an art than science that requires good soft skills to master the art of negotiating and consensus-building. I have always applied these techniques in my projects to overcome challenges and deliver results.

GP: Do you have any advice you would like to give to our readers?
KV: Confidence is key for success. For anyone aspiring to be successful in life should first of all have a vision. Envision a clear path-- be it in technical or business line, but stick to one line. Refine the path as you move along in your career-- narrow down to a specialized domain, and start building on it. Carve a niche in the work you do and excel through hard work and dedication.

By: Gita Poudel || Sr. HR & Compliance Manager || Maganti IT Resources, LLC