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Application Development

Web Applications

As a software solutions firm we bring our client a team of creative web designers, professional web developers, e-commerce web developers and web analysts who have combined their skills and experience in helping businesses enjoy dominance on the web. We always think from the client’s perspective while developing the product. Hence, we help our client with a robust, efficient and user friendly web development solutions. Following categories are our web development solutions to our clients.

Website Design:

Graphic Design, Template Designs, logo and brochure designs etc.

E-commerce Website Development:

Shopping cart solutions, Payment Gateway Integration etc.

Content Management Solutions (CMS):

Joomla Customization, Drupal Customization, Wordpress Integration etc.

Web Publishing System:

Community Portals, News Portals, Auction Portals, and Custom Portal Development etc.

Flash & RIA Solutions:

Flash design & flash website development, Web chat applications, Rich Internet Application, Silverlight and Javafx etc.

As a comprehensive & affordable web development solutions provider, we also cater a list of services corresponding to web application development and online marketing. Our web development solutions help our client to:

  • Effectively manage your business online
  • Improve your web presence
  • Increase the flow of targeted traffic to your website
  • Acquire new customers and retain the old ones
  • Engage your visitors

Desktop Applications

We also develop desktop applications that run on a desktop or laptop computer. Desktop applications help to tone-down the complexity of the business processes improve the performance and accelerate business productivity. A desktop application is a self-contained program that performs a defined set of tasks under the user control. These applications run from a local drive and do not require a network or connectivity to operate or function properly, though if attached to a network desktop application might use the resources of the network. Desktop applications can be easily accessed within the intranet. Desktop applications need to be individually installed on each computer and sometimes needs upgrade or reinstall the new version.

Increased Security Risks

There are always risks involved when dealing with working online, regardless of how secure a host might say a web application is, that fact of the matter stands that the security risk of running an application of the Internet is more significant than when running an application on a standalone desktop computer. Some applications require more security than others, playing Sudoku on a web application would cause little concern, but dealing with sensitive corporate formulas or accounting details in a web environment might be determined risky.


Over the life of the software use, web applications are typically significantly more expensive over time. Desktop applications are purchased outright and rarely are their recurring fee for the software use. Some desktop applications do have maintenance fees or fee based upgrades associated with them, but rarely is there a subscription fee associated with the software's ongoing use. Many corporate web applications use a different model, users typically are charged monthly service fee to operate the software. Fees are considered "subscription fees". If you fail to renew your subscription you may be unable to access the data stored in the web application.

Mobile Applications

We also develop mobile applications. Our mobile app development team is having lot of experience in designing and developing mobile apps in different mobile platforms such as ios, android, windows, blackberry etc.

Android Apps

Android application development is quite different from iPhone development because it uses JAVA runtime classes. Some of the major advantages of android application development from our end as well as clients end are as follows:

  • Android is open source software that means no need for any licensing.
  • Free application development platform provided by Google.
  • Any person having experience in JAVA can smoothly develop applications for Android Platform.
  • Android SDK and Eclipse an open source IDE used for development purpose which are available free of cost. Cost effective android applications can be developed.
  • Android communities and forums available for any kind of development support.

Looking at the above advantages we believe that android is the future of mobile programming. We as professionals with qualified and dedicated team recommend our clients in different domains such as health, finance, hotels, entertainment, music etc to boost up their business by opening new doors with the help of a new android app.

iPhone Apps

iPhone application development is performed on Intel based Mac or Mac OS X. Objective C is the language used for iPhone application development, which is an extension to OOPS concepts. iPhone development is carried out using SDK which is freely downloadable from Apple’s website along with an iPhone emulator. Though iPhone development is based on basic OOPS concepts but iPhone development is quite interesting due to some of the creative features offered by iPhone’s hardware, for example: Orientation changes, motion sensors, touch gestures etc. iPhone development can be categorized into the following areas

  • iPhone Software Development
  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPhone Game Development
  • iPhone Web Development

We give a face to our client’s imaginations and develop the app and bring live the clients creative ideas. We are having skilled developers working day and night to deliversuccessful products to our clients. As always we make sure the product delivered is of highest quality.