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Banking Industry And My Experience As A Java Developer

After working for different industries like health care, retail industry, supply chain management industry, I recently got an opportunity to be part of a team-building software for the Banking Industry. It was fresh and new, yet exciting adventure for me. Aside from the many talented IT professionals I worked with, a part of the excitement came from being able to try out relatively new technology, infrastructures, and deployment tools. I am the type of person who always loves to take new challenges while exploring new tools and technologies.

The project I am involved in is to make the experience better when the users are applying for the loans. The best part is, I get to work with the technologies I haven't worked on before such as SAML SSO. The deployment process is also faster compared to my previous projects. Previously, I used to work in a team with a quarterly release cycle. However, I have easily adapted it in such a short period of time and I always go with the flow. The tools and technologies I have used in this project are Core Java, Spring MVC, Spring Security, JIRA, Git, Confluence, Rest API's, SQL. I have also enhanced customer experience with advance client-side scripting using jQuery, JSP, JavaScript, CSS, JSPF, Struts Action classes, Action Forms and Struts validation classes, Struts Tiles and implement AJAX, XML, JSON components on the website Aside from the Project I have worked on, I also worked on the IR Team which is a team dedicated to fixing the Production issues , improve the existing flows, and develop new features. During my time working here, I have learned how to write the code efficiently by using the best practices of software development.

Throughout my journey as a JAVA Developer (Applications), I have learned to resolve various defects quickly, in line with deadlines. Although I have not gone over everything, I have used in my current day to day task, I am just sharing a glimpse of the main tools that helped to make this project possible.

Author: Meghanath Nagulapalli | JAVA Developer (Applications)