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Take charge of your martial arts school with curoRC's simple, lean and intuitive all-in-one management software.

CuroRC- Update with this SaaS product to stay relevant

CuroRC is all in one Class Management Software Solution for Studios and Associations offering multi- faceted platform. The software supports multiple business owners benefitting to operate their business from anywhere and any device, making it faster, convenient, more secure, and less expensive while removing manual processes at the same time. The development of this SaaS solution was stimulated from the needs and challenges faced by a martial arts studio. Successively, the product was designed to meet the need of customers in this industry and can be customized based on further requirements.

Maganti IT Resources started the journey with FUTEK to revamp ecommerce site, custom integration with Oracle suite of applications and automate their cloud infrastructure. Maganti IT collaboratively worked with them to improve User experience and enhance brand visibility. The ongoing standardization and automation of IT support services has decreased infrastructure- provisioning time and the flexibility of IT operations made the company to meet changes of demand across its business cycle.

Maganti IT provided extensive expertise in process automation with custom integration and with seamless delivery. Our technology resilience and web designing skills delivered the following solutions and services to FUTEK:

CuroRC offers the following features

  • Customer Management
  • Self Service Registration
  • Multiple Studio Management
  • Employee and Instructor Management
  • Student & Attendance Management
  • Pricing Plans & Subscription Management
  • Payment system (PCI compliance)
  • Tournament Management
  • Business Analytic Reports
  • Text messaging integration
  • Online Shopping cart and class booking
  • Member portal