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My Experience as a Program/Project Manager

When I joined Cisco’s eCommerce engineering team 7 years ago as a Project Manager for their GDCP data center migration program, which involved large scale virtualization and decommissioning of assets, I was committed that I will work with all due diligence. I knew that it was a great opportunity to work with some of the fine minds in the industry as my work entailed cross-functional collaboration and consensus building.

Post, I had the opportunity to streamline operations around eCommerce platform deliverables as Program Manager driving multiple projects focused on Site Reliability, Info Security & Privacy, SOX Compliance, Resiliency- Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity, Performance Optimization, Life Cycle upgrades to help achieve Platform stability and scalability.

During the course, I was responsible for operational efficiency and compliance of 100 + business-critical IT assets across verticals - Quoting, Ordering, Config, Pricing, Renewals, that help generate $40 billion-plus Cisco revenue.  Developed and implemented practical solutions to standardize and scale across Enterprise Commerce IT and helped improve compliance posture of Resiliency and Security from the scratch (Red) to 90% plus (Green) and maintain the highest possible compliance posture QoQ.

Lead team of engineers and architects on enterprise proactive performance monitoring operations which helped to reduce RCA time by 60% and improve platform availability to near 100%. Provided robust assurance of the operational effectiveness of various compliance controls on a QoQ basis helped elevate Commerce IT as “center of excellence” for engineering best practices- a model for other internal groups to emulate.

Throughout my career, one the thing I have learned is, we must challenge ourselves if we want to achieve a goal in life.

Author: Kishore Viswanathan || Project Manager