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When we talk about Human Resources, title itself talks a lot about this role. As I am writing this article, it is probable that most of us already have a better understanding of a Human Resources. From hiring activities by identifying the best resource for the company, to helping employees develop a deep pledge to reach company and personal goals, human resource professionals are always committed towards employees and organizational growth parallelly. I must admit, human resource profession is not an easy task as it needs wide varieties of skills and knowledge in today’s competitive world. While keeping ourselves up to date by adopting new emerging labor laws, dynamic work environment including technology, we have to make sure that we are keeping organization and employees away from any upcoming potential issues/threats.

While accepting the role of human resource, we accept other challenges that comes with its profession. We know that managing diversified resources under one organization is going to be exciting and at the same time challenging sometimes. However, we are aware that with our leadership, time management, teamwork, interpersonal and negotiation skills, we can overcome from any unfavorable circumstances in a proactive manner, and we can take things to the next level by applying our organizational and leadership skills.

With diverse force, it is not easy for human resource to convince the other person during the conflict situation within an organization. But it is not impossible at the same time, if we calm down and use our conflict management skills to tackle the situation. While making a decision whether it is employee related or organizations related, if we think from their perspective by keeping ourselves in their place; it will always help us to make a right decision and can help us to accomplish our goals as a human resource professional.

It is not always what we get from an organization we work for; it is also what we give in return by supporting an organization growth by maintaining the high productivity. We should never forget that it is a two-way relationship either it is with organizations we work for, or with employees who work for an organization.

Throughout my journey as a human resource professional, I have always enjoyed working in this field because of a day to day challenges that has helped me to tackle any hard-hitting situation in my career path. I have learned a lot from each person, I have come across during my career. While performing dual task parallelly, there were times when situation was overwhelming in the beginning. But I did not stop there and gave up as I knew that good days were coming ahead. I continued facing challenges and never let any minor or major obstacles block my way because I knew that every day will not be the same and my hard work will pay off one day.

Obstacle/Challenges will always come on our way, either it is personal or professional, it will not be everlasting. Someday we will be very happy, some day we will be sad and sometimes we will succeed in one attempt and sometimes it takes several attempts. As far as we know how to balance our professional and personal life, we can keep ourselves away from any traumatic situation. We should also never forget that while going through the tough time, we learn how to overcome from it, and it makes us stronger day by day. Every situation in life always teaches us a lesson directly/indirectly.

When it comes to human resource profession and their roles, there are several areas to talk about. Here are few key points, among others, which helped me in my career growth as a human resource professional.


Time Management plays a vital role in our personal as well as professional life. If we know how to prioritize things based on requirement/necessity; it will become easy for meeting deadlines and deliver the assigned task on time. If we start getting stressed, things can go other way around. Starting things ahead of time can always help to meet the deadline instead of starting it at the last moment and feeling stressed about the situation.


When we work as a team, accomplishing goals together will always benefit. It can only happen when we replace ‘I’ with ‘We’, ‘Mine’ with ‘Ours’ and ‘Me’ with ‘Us’. If we leave all our ego behind and move further by supporting teammates during difficult time, we can make things work out together as a team. As Robert Ingersoll said, “We rise by lifting others,” this applies to each individual including organization itself. Are we really helping our teammate when they need our help? Or is organization helping its employees when employees really need employer’s help? Let us not forget that together we can go very far.


We should never forget that employees are the backbone of any organization; when they rise, we rise together with them. To avoid quick turn over and to retain employees, when it comes to support, it is not always about financial support. Sometimes generous emotional support to employees can make a big difference in their life. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Well done is better than well said.” Showing our action instead of preaching just words can help to build trust between organization and employees. To maintain employer-employee mutual relationship, we should treat each employee equally without any bias based on race, color, religion, nationality, or age. If we follow this protocol, we can eliminate organizational issues within the organization and among employees. Are we being fair enough with our employees when it comes to honoring them for their hard work and effort? Are we supporting them when they are passing through a difficult situation in their life? Showing our gratitude and generosity towards our employees in need, will always help to maintain the strong bond with each other.


Motivation can play a vital role when it comes to productivity. Motivating teammates or employees to do better without giving up can help to build cohesive environment and support them during their rough times. When we talk about motivation, it is not only about words, it is about showing them that we really care by listening to their feelings by being good listener and a helping hand for one another. As a human resource professional, you can inspire your teammates and employees to give their best instead of pointing their mistakes. We should never forget that nobody is 100% perfect and we all have our own strengths/weaknesses.

Author: Gita Poudel || Sr. HR & Compliance Manager || Maganti IT Resources, LLC