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Network Infrastructure

Network Engineer in a Healthcare Industry

Network Infrastructure helps interconnect all systems in an environment. However, this very inter linking can cause business threatening consequences in some cases. One has to envision that there is a threat from everywhere (internal and external) to the production environment. For so many years, the threat from within the environment has been overlooked but it is never too late to start addressing it.

The project I am involved is all about mitigating and possibly remediating the systems connected in a network and thereby, reducing the overall threat level. One of the strangest parts of the project is the visibility of bad things happening. The malicious acts/things happen so silently that it goes unnoticed or is only seen after it has happened. This is why it is preferred to prevent than cure it.

The tools and equipment used in this project can be divided into two categories. First, the regular network switches, routers, firewall, Intrusion Prevention Systems, etc. Second, the more advanced systems such as Cisco ISE, which is a secure network server that enables to frame policies. These policies are then pushed to the network peripherals for the enforcement. There is also another interesting tool being used to feed vital information to Cisco ISE, one that uses more latest technologies such as Machine learning to be able to analyze and predict.

Overall, I have enjoyed being part of these challenges that’s been very important to but not limited to Healthcare industry.

Author: Rahul Ramkumar || Sr. Network Engineer