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Want to land the job you deserve?

Applying for a job as a determined job seeker and in a dilemma, if you should write a cover letter? How many times have you thought of submitting a cover letter in the job application and dropped an idea? If you are still thinking about it and unable to decide, we will discuss some tips on how cover letter plays a vital role in the job-hunting process. These tips will also help you to land the job that you deserve.

Writing a cover letter is not always exciting, but it is an opportunity to express yourself in writing and to prove yourself as a flawless professional. With one click, we can find several expert tips online on how to write the best cover letter. When applying for a job, always include the cover letter in your job application.

For a great cover letter, it is vital to take a few major key steps as below to get an advantage over your competition:

Strong Opening Statement

The poorly formatted opening statement in a cover letter with overused and a clichéd sentence can lose the hiring manager’s attention. Try to be creative and passionate and start the letter with a strong statement instead of boring and general introduction. Never boast or make unprovable claims about your skills and abilities.

Address your cover letter with a person’s first and last name. Avoid using generic acknowledgments by directing it as a “Dear Sir or Madam.” If you are not aware of the detail, try to find the detail about the hiring manager. For example, you can send an email to the HR department for more details or search the detail in the company LinkedIn. If you are unable to find a detail to address your cover letter, address the letter to the head of the department like “Account Department Hiring Manager.”

Cover Page Length and Format

Avoid using overly stuffed words to make it easy to read. Make sure font size are not below 12 the point with 1” or 1.5” margins, depending on how long or short your cover letter is. Keep it to a single page. Summarizing your resume details in a cover letter will make your cover letter less appealing. Do not go into too much detail to avoid losing the hiring manager’s interest. Use simple words yet be precise about what message you are trying to deliver. Always write a fresh cover letter based on the requirement.

Be Specific

Every company has their own problems and goals which they want to resolve and achieve by hiring an individual for a particular said role. So always do some research about the company and do a thorough review of the job requirements you are applying for. Tailor your cover letters, to individually address each company’s problems. General cover letters do work in some situations. However, you should target your cover letter for specific jobs based on requirements. A chaotic cover letter can ruin your application. Do not give an option to the hiring manager to think that you are not a good writer and a detail-oriented person.

Closing Statement

Close the letter with a strong statement about why your profile should be considered and how you can bring value to the organization. Demonstrate how you are a cultural fit, your awareness of the company’s goals, and how you can help achieve them. This will help you to make your statement compelling and prove yourself as a thoughtful and engaging candidate. Prove that you have the necessary skills and accomplishments to get the job done by describing your work experience in concrete terms and provide solid evidence of your achievements.

Provide your phone number and email to contact you for an interview with a statement as you will look forward to having an in-person interview.


Last, but not least, proofreading is really an important step. Take your time and review each section of the cover letter thoroughly. If needed, ask a friend to help you assess its clarity, effectiveness, and readability.

Whether it is your first job, or you are planning to land your best job, a strong cover letter will always be a key to your success. Let your cover letter convey your worth.

Author: Gita Poudel || Sr. HR & Compliance Manager || Maganti IT Resources, LLC