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Our Methodology

At MIT we help our clients to reach their business goals and maximize their returns on IT investment.To make our clients vision a reality our experts follow MIT Services Methodology – a steady process designed in order to manage projects and ensure success. We designed our services methodology to maximise knowledge transfer while ensuring the project meets a high standard quality.Our approach is based on the best practices and years of experience delivering innovative data centre solutions that solve business and IT challenges. Following are the steps included in our services methodology:

One - Assessment

In this step our team identifies the business objectives, requirements, assumptions and constraints and then assess the capabilities against the goals and provide recommended features and finally prepare a strategy that includes start state and steps involved in it.

Two – Architecture

Here, our architect team plans the logical and physical designs for infrastructure and operational processes. Also, they identify and adapt standard components and prepare the design qualification against the requirements.

Three – Implementation

After completing the above step our developers starts implementing the infrastructure and operational processes. And then we go ahead with verification and user acceptance testing. In this step our team will come across knowledge transferring sessions, workshops and documenting each and every process that went along.

Four – Management

In this step, our support and management team plays a major role in managing, monitoring and reporting the measurements involved in the developed product. Also, they focus on contract management, maintenance renewals, staff augmentation or residency services.

Five – Sustaining

This is the final step where our team performs process governance and compliance in the developed product. Also, they document events and thresholds to develop meaningful metrics. Finally, they perform health checks, remediation and continual service improvements to the developed products.