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Personalisation and Machine Learning in Marketing

Technology is getting personalised. So surprisingly personalised that you no longer have to remember your shopping you’ve left midway- the internet reminds you anyway. Big data and Machine learning have dug deep into human interests that we don’t have to search for anything to get anywhere- it comes to you!

Personalization trends have progressed from “per average user” to “one-to-one” and Brands gearing up on imbibing personalization for achieving their intangible business goals.

One of the early examples I’ve encountered was the Lenskart “Try me” Feature. It sure was a creative application of machine learning that left most visitors spellbound at their first experience. Users were able to go crazy with their choices without getting guilty of borrowing eyewear at the store. With this approach, not only did LensKart get a good boost to their SEO and increase their average time on the page but also earned them a good number of return customers.

This blog is all about the personalization trends in marketing using machine learning and what it could be for the marketers of today. Let’s explore.

Machine Learning: How does it work?
Between lockdowns and curfews, consumers have seen a drastic shift in digital habits in the way they work, shop, and engage. Sources from the Mckinsey report cite the number of customer interactions in digital space has not doubled or tripled but accelerated ahead in “years”.

How can marketers ride the wave?
Machine learning is applied to provide customer-centric experiences. From product recommendations, demand forecasts, and customer service, machine learning serves the purpose of not just bridging the demand gap, providing continuous improvement- but also creating new growth opportunities. If marketers could cash on this- it could lead them to big-time success.

Chatbots are a trend that shortens the barrier of communication between businesses and consumers. They almost mimic real conversations and can easily be embedded in websites such as online stores, or a third-party messaging platform like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Instagram’s direct messaging. Brands today are getting creative with Chatbots and are using them much beyond answering their queries. Estee Lauder deployed a chatbot that's embedded in Facebook messenger. It uses facial recognition to pick out the right shade of foundation for its customers. Amazing isn’t it?

Ever felt guilty spending hours together on Reels? Well, blame them on Machine learning. After the Tik Tok ban, Companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Sharechat, etc have been working on improved versions of videos with edgy features and a high level of personalization. Users are recommended with their favourite videos based on similar interests- be it for genre, music, or content. With 100 million users of Instagram using reels- Marketers have high chances of getting discovered and connected to their relevant audience.

Social Media Monitoring
You can never succeed at what you cannot measure. Social media is escalating day after day on the degree of analytics and insights. Initially, marketers had to depend on third-party tools to monitor their social media. But now thanks to machine learning, brands can seamlessly derive insights about their social media performance. Soon, there may be chances that social media recommends businesses to the users. They could start a conversation based on the data they gathered- something like the “ Suggested Friends” that we currently have.

Sentiment Analysis
Do you know your social media can feel you? The sentiment analysis, emotion mining or the Emotion AI uses NLP (Neural Language processing) and predefined sentiment labels such as positive, negative, and neutral to understand the underlying emotions of your messages. Shortly, this could be used by businesses to collect feedback from users for a particular product/service and know what they’re feeling about their business.

Language translation
With the use of Google’s translation features, marketers can quite easily translate their messaging into the language their customers can understand and connect deeper to them

Get creative
This is an era of infinite opportunities and infinite solutions- when even a common person can become a superstar overnight if you’re posting the right content at the right place and at the right time. Though we have a thick digital competition, Marketers have huge possibilities of getting discovered by leveraging the best features of social media and other marketing channels. Ready to get started?

By: sruthi k || Content Writer || Maganti IT Resources, LLC