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Letter from President/CEO

Maganti IT Resources - Our efforts make 'IT' possible

Since 2004, Maganti IT Resources has been committed to provide best services to our clients and it is possible because of our team work effort. Maganti IT Resources has successfully completed 10 years. Our company has attained good track record of outstanding performance to our clients & employees. Performance is driven not only by execution, our fundamental commitment to ethics and integrity to our clients.

In recent years we made tremendous progress with impressive results to show our commitment & efforts. These accomplishments were not possible without our employees & clients. It is often said; it is better time to be with Maganti IT.

Our successful accomplishments prove we are on track for years to come. We know to establish an organization with reputation, ethical conduct and integrity takes years and even decades to achieve and only moments to destroy. Each of us stood as pillars of Maganti IT, working towards accomplishing these achievements and reaching company goals.

Maganti IT believes that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing is vital to the success of the company. We need our employees’commitment to follow company’s code of conduct &company principles. Each of you must be in compliance with applicable regulations& company policies and apply towards our business. In every promise and decision made by an employee,his or her actions should follow ethics and meet the compliance of our company. Our main approach is to build a great workplace for our employees where our employees will always be inspired to serve our clients and consultants in a better way. Maganti IT Resources always carry out its four core values as: serving others, open communication, commitment and relationships and we believe that our efforts make IT possible.

Thank you!

Maganti IT Resources