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Q & A: Professional Journey of Rahul Ramkumar-Network Engineer

Rahul Ramkumar, a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert in Routing & Switching and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in Security is currently working as a Network Engineer. Rahul has been providing a guidance and mentoring other members within the Network Operations of Team on Network Visibility and Segmentation security technologies. Rahul has been a core mentor of his team and is always appreciated about his outstanding performance. Let us hear from Rahul about his professional journey.

Gita Poudel: How did you start your career?
Rahul Ramkumar:It all started in my undergraduate days when I had liking towards a particular coursework called Computer Networks. I continued to research more into this subject during my free hours, trying to see how I can shape my career with this subject after my undergraduate degree.

Gita Poudel: How do you think you've changed from a new grad to a seasoned pro?
Rahul Ramkumar: Firstly, to get an in-depth grip of the subject, I selected topics from this subject for my final semester project and completed it. Right after I completed under graduation, I started to study for industry recognized certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, etc. Along with that, I started taking some minor projects related to it. When nothing came in the way for a period of time, I used to end up doing a lot of labs. I did this for a period of more than a year and this helped me understand more about the industrial world.

Gita Poudel: How do you think you've changed from a new grad to a seasoned pro?
Rahul Ramkumar: My role as a Business Analyst intern at SAP America in the early days has helped me understand and assimilate into corporate culture easily. Since then I have focussed on building my career in the same line, from Business Analyst to Project Manager, working incorporates such as Cisco, Apple.

Gita Poudel: What did it take to get from where you were to where you are now?
Rahul Ramkumar: Once I set the path in the right direction, I then started to pursue my master’s degree in the same field in the USA. This step helped me exactly the way I wanted it to. It basically helped me to think better also in a much different way. I also did a couple of projects in my masters that would help me build my career. After my master’s degree, I joined as a network engineer working specifically with deployment of Network Access Control / Network Segmentation projects.

It has been 3+ years now and I learned a lot with the technical and managerial process. This section of networking is something that has been overlooked for quite some time and organizations are now in the process of addressing this.

GP: Do you have any advice you would like to give to our readers?
Rahul Ramkumar: I can only say that it will get a lot more challenging in the future with the Internet of Things and 5G etc. Starting to plan your career early does help to stabilize your progress in a big way.

By: Gita Poudel || Sr. HR & Compliance Manager || Maganti IT Resources, LLC