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Current Business System to PLM

Transforming Customer’s Current Business System to PLM

I had a blissful experience working as a PLM where I was involved in introducing PLM Teamcenter 11.4 software into the customer’s current working business model and transforming the business tools into single PLM system. PLM is a new start by the client and all the current working approach is through different software – Savion for Business Process Management, Mapics for commercial ERP & operations control, Requests, Change Processes, CAD designing tools like Solid Edge and CREO.

Analyzing current business model and understanding their manufacturing process really helped me to learn about the process in depth. Gathering requirements and preparing the Requirements documentation as per customer need and analyzing current third-party ERP software and business process management software was not easy. However, I overcome from that challenge and was able to deliver the assigned task with my dedication and hard work. I was also involved in configuring data model from scratch and deployments; Exploring, constructing Workflow processes to match the current needs.

I faced few technical challenges. However, I was able to create a better solution for client. Few challenges and solutions are listed below:

  1. Code-less customization with complete out of the box configuration as per customer’s need. And achieved with minimal server-side customization.
  2. Automatic Smart Part Number generation without user intervention – Challenging through CAD integrations in place – Achieved through server-side customization.
  3. Validation of List of Values Properties during object creation – Challenging with OOTB configuration – Achieved through post-action customization.
  4. Population of attached CAD drawing information in Bill of Materials (BOM) table - Challenging with OOTB configuration – Achieved through METHOD callbacks using customization.
  5. Provision to arrange 2 different types of mechanisms during drawing creation – Challenging to achieve through OOTB configuration – Achieved through additional configuration of CAD XML property entry in CAD integration.

Throughout this process, what I have learned is, no matter how challenging the task is, if we do it with full effort by believing in ourselves, we can overcome from any challenges in our day to day life.

Author: Naga Santosh Karumuri || Programmer Analyst