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Establish a high-performance strategy to achieve greater value

Get the strategic advantage for your organization in today's fast-paced business world with cloud design services. We create custom cloud solutions that improve efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Boost security, ensure compliance, and seamlessly migrate data for a competitive edge. Our services also include reliable disaster recovery, real-time monitoring, and robust support so your team can stay focused on what matters most. Trust us as your cloud specialist to design, develop, and migrate to a cloud environment that aligns perfectly with your strategic objectives.
Without this flexibility, you may experience operational inefficiencies, stunted growth, and a decrease in overall business value. Experience accelerated innovation and smarter operations with Maganti IT's Cloud Managed Services (CMS). We empower clients to leverage the cloud's power to connect with customers, disrupt markets, and realize tangible business advantages. Let our CMS experts simplify your journey and handle the complexities for you.

Maximize business value with our tailored cloud architecture design services.

Server Application and Discovery

We leverage discovery tools and collaborate closely to understand your environment, enabling us to construct precise cost models for your cloud services based on a deep understanding of your applications' significance within your organization.

Dependency Mapping

To ensure a smooth migration with minimal disruption to your services, we actively manage the process by simultaneously transitioning interdependent servers to the cloud.

Connectivity Planning and Implementation

Formulate a connectivity and implementation strategy that optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of connecting to your applications. We undertake the necessary design work to seamlessly integrate these applications into your cloud environment.


We configure your tenancy, subscriptions, vnets, as well as establishing your identity solution alongside addressing security, firewall settings, backup procedures, and monitoring protocols.

Security Design

Design and implement your new cloud environment with a focus on security and compliance, ensuring adherence to all relevant obligations

Application Migration

Get valuable insights and support in identifying applications that may be suitable for retirement or replacement with cloud-native alternatives.

End-User Experience Monitoring

Baseline assessment serves as a reference point to evaluate the impact of the migration to the cloud on application performance.

Security Support

Post-migration, we review and enhance your security practices in Azure, ensuring ongoing effectiveness and providing recommendations for next-gen solutions.

Use the latest cloud capabilities

Stay ahead with evolving cloud capabilities, featuring self-service, orchestration, and automation for today's on-demand trends.

Minimize risk

Minimize downtime, enhance disaster recovery with distributed workloads and data across resilient cloud platforms.

Integrate security

Cultivate a secure environment ensuring compliance across multicloud infrastructure as your business expands.

Navigating you towards Cloud Success
Once we've designed the cloud services plan customized to your organization's objectives, we will collaborate closely with you to ensure a seamless migration that stays within your designated time and budget. In our role as an agile partner, we become an integral part of your team, swiftly addressing any issues that may arise to maintain project momentum and optimize the value of your investment in our services.
Your trust is paramount to us, and we are genuinely invested in the success of all our clients. Allow us to engage with you to fine-tune the specifics and assist you in selecting the ideal cloud solutions for propelling your organization forward.