Reimagine, build, and deliver apps designed for cloud success.

Updating legacy systems is a significant undertaking, and the journey to the cloud offers various paths. We understand that the path to the cloud isn't one-size-fits-all. That's why our Application Modernization and Migration services are customized to help you efficiently reimagine and restructure your business and I T operations, providing an agile approach to upgrading legacy platform-based enterprise applications.

Our comprehensive approach, encompassing assessment, migration, and modernization, guides your organization through a well-structured business transformation process. This includes strategic planning , leveraging automated engineering, upskilling your workforce, providing ongoing operational support, and prioritizing future workforce development. Regardless of the complexity of your needs, our highly adaptable approach can meet your specific requirements.

Engineering your Path to
Cloud-Enabled Excellence
Engineering your Path to
Cloud-Enabled Excellence

Our cloud offerings provide you with the assurance you need during your migration journey. Whether you're shifting entirely to the cloud, transitioning between providers, or seeking a hybrid approach, we assist in devising and implementing a cloud migration strategy that leads you to your destination with confidence.

On-Premises to Cloud Migration

- Migrate applications, tools,data and more your on-premises hosting solutions to the cloud.

- Goals include cost reduction, scalability, enhanced security, and leveraging cloud services.

- Requires meticulous planning, data transfer, security and application reconfiguration.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

- Transfer data, applications, or services from one cloud provider to another.

- Switch cloud vendors as your business requirements and tactical considerations evolve

- Motivated by cost-efficiency, performance improvement, compliance, or feature access.

Cloud migration partners

Maganti IT is a leading partner and maintains strong top-to-top relationships with every major cloud player in the industry. Offering personalized cloud solutions in collaboration with various platform partners, we empower you with the flexibility to select the most fitting tools and services under expert guidance. Our certified engineers collaborate closely with renowned cloud vendors to facilitate a seamless migration process, establishing well-structured frameworks that reduce business interruptions and yield tangible, value-added benefits.

Drive more value in the cloud with Maganti IT
Seamless migration

Maintain business continuity and exceptional customer experience without disruptions.

Cloud Best Practice Adherence

for deploying governance frameworks, network optimization, automation, and monitoring benchmarks.

Integrated DevOps practices

For streamlining operations through IaC, automation, and CI/CD pipelines.

Achieve faster business outcomes

with battle-tested frameworks and certified cloud engineers, minimizing setup time and operational burdens.

Security and compliance

Embrace state-of-the-art security and governance, safeguard data integrity, meet compliance standards like HIPAA, PSI, GDPR, and more.