Unlock a hyper-agile, scalable, & Intelligent enterprise reality with Cloud

Managing today's extensive cloud infrastructure demands modern IT operations that seamlessly integrate infrastructure, data, and applications to support a resilient digital enterprise. We recognize the uniqueness of each organization, which is why we meticulously analyze your infrastructure to craft a customized cloud strategy that optimizes both performance and costs.
With our expertise in Cloud Managed Services, we assist our clients in overcoming their cloud challenges, simplifying complexity, and delivering solutions that enhance agility and responsiveness in an ever-changing market landscape. Prioritize your strategic business initiatives while entrusting us to manage your cloud infrastructure so that we can deliver cloud solutions while you focus on innovation.


years of experience in cloud management


Certified Cloud Solutions Architects


clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies


reduction in IT infrastructure costs

Cloud Capabilities

Accelerate your cloud journey with the full spectrum of infrastructure managed services including managing, migrating and evolving your infrastructure on-premises and in the cloud.

Identify business functionalities that benefit from cloud services. Choose a secure, cost-optimized cloud to start your journey.

Cloud Design

Design multi-regional, reliable, scalable, cost-optimized, secure cloud landing zones and workloads.


Build a robust, scalable, and automated cloud environment for seamless workload migration or deployment.


Get assistance in identifying and defining critical Performance Indicators for your business. We support you in achieving these goals with an integrated tool stack for smooth business operations.

Clouds We Serve

We collaborate with leading cloud providers via dedicated hyperscalar business groups to provide comprehensive full-stack skills and capabilities. Together, we bring together skilled teams, software, and platforms to enable secure cloud solutions that drive accelerated growth for your business.
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Embark on a Successful cloud journey with Maganti IT

Discover how Maganti IT Resources can transform your organization into a future-ready digital enterprise with cloud.

Customer Stories

Maganti IT Resources has established relationships with some of the leading companies in the globe. Together, we help clients design and realize the future of their business with modern delivery methods and cloud innovation.
Supercharge with Cloud & Automation

Discover how a leading sensor technology giant transitioned to the cloud for a significant IT transformation and innovation.

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Opinion polling made seamless with Cloud

Learn how we built a global website, with minimal downtime, with future cloud advances incorporated into client's IT infrastructure.

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Innovation-led application services

Learn how we built an all-in-one multi- faceted platform for CuroRc making it faster, convenient, more secure, and less expensive.

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Client Story: Cloud optimization strategies that drove 50% cost savings

Unlock our nine essential cloud optimization best practices, proven to cut overspending by 20-50%

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Planning Cloud capacity for unexpected Spikes in Server Workloads

IT teams are required to architect applications to handle fluctuations in scale by proper capacity planning. Learn how.

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Navigating the Maze: Hurdles in Embracing Manufacturing IT and Industry 4.0

Learn the biggest challenges faced by manufacturing clients in technology adoption in Industry 4.0 and how Maganti IT can be their right-sized partner of choice.

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Independent Perspective

We have in-depth knowledge of the cloud vendor ecosystem and use an independent, objective approach in vendor selection.

Business Focus

Our wide-ranging alliance ecosystem, supported by our sector and industry expertise, enables us to choose, integrate, and tailor cloud solutions to meet your needs.

Custom Delivery

With our expertise in customizing delivery, we can cost-effectively support your cloud transformation planning, implementation, and scaling.

Let’s discuss how we can help with your cloud journey.
Whether you are looking to develop a strategy, migrating to Cloud, obtain managed services, or further modernize and secure your applications and infrastructure, request an expert consultation at no cost.