Build applications that scale with the pace of your business with managed and intelligent Database in the cloud.
Oracle is a database whose main purpose is to store and retrieve information. This database is built for enterprises looking for higher performance computing with easy migration of their local applications to cloud. Oracle also helps business to automate their infrastructure which helps accelerate innovation. This is the most cost-effective way to manage information and applications.
It is a multi-model database management system commonly used for running online transaction processing, data warehousing and mixed database workloads. Oracle has features such as sharing, private cloud, high-speed performance, high-speed data distribution, security permission management and others that enable hybrid deployments. We revamp your business by integrating with oracle to do the following functions.
Database Managed Services

Get preventive maintenance and on-demand support for all your applications with our software maintenance and support solutions.

Databases for MongoDB
Maganit IT Cloud Databases for MongoDB provides a JSON document store that can be scaled vertically and horizontally. It has a rich query and aggregation framework and is accessible through a wide range of application frameworks and languages.
Databases for Elasticsearch
Maganti IT Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch combines the flexibility of a full-text search engine with the power of a JSON document database’s indexing.
Databases for PostgreSQL
Maganti IT Cloud Databases for PostgreSQL offers an object-relational SQL database, complemented by powerful enhancements like indexable JSON, publish and subscribe functions and drivers.
Maganti IT Compose for MySQL
Maganti IT Compose for ScyllaDB is a lightning-fast, low-latency NoSQL column store that works as a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra.
Maganti IT Compose for ScyllaDB
Maganti IT Compose for ScyllaDB is a lightning-fast, low-latency NoSQL column store that works as a drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra.
Hyper Protect DBaaS for MongoDB
Hyper Protect DBaaS for MongoDB provides capabilities to provision, manage, maintain and monitor MongoDB through standardized APIs helping you retain your data in a fully encrypted client database without the need for specialized skills.
Hyper Protect DBaaS for PostgreSQL
Hyper Protect DBaaS for PostgreSQL provides capabilities to provision, manage, maintain and monitor PostgreSQL through standardized APIs providing advantages such as pervasive encryption, scalability and performance.
High availability and security
Support multi-region, multi-primary replication, and provide full data oversight with multiple levels of security, including network isolation and end-to-end encryption.
Automation of data migration

Oracle database migrations are highly automated and reduce the overall migration effort. The cost and time required to migrate non-Oracle databases to Oracle platform is much lower. Oracle provides high performance export and import utilities. You can automatically provision high availability configurations to elevate service levels for maintenance or unexpected failure scenarios. Provisioning choices include pre-packaged bundles of Oracle Database options for DevOps, Performance, Security, Analytics and Monitoring.

Database management

Oracle Database fits perfectly with businesses and corporations with portability, isolation, consistency and durability. It has capability to handle large amount of data without any single failure providing complete and reliable database system. Oracle has a protocol to manage multiple databases with same transactions and has most user-friendly and easy to use features which are usable on any platform. No matter how big is the database, Oracle provides the best speed to access the data with highest level of performance.

Backup and Synchronization

Oracle offers quickest online backup and recovery features. It supports continuous synchronization and recovery from predefined server storage and you can also set point-in-time recovery. Oracle ensures the top-level reliability of your system. As well as, delivers high integrity of data storage. Also, includes locking and transaction controls ensuring high level security to database.

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