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Evolution of Technology

Evolution of Technology Over Time

From year to year technology is evolving and has taken over the way we live and operate; Smartphones, tablets, and computers – we really can’t seem to function without them. Now can we imagine life without technology?

Where were all the face-to-face conversations, handwritten letters, waiting by the phone which was fixed by a cord, recognizing people over phones just by listening to voice? How we used to lead our lives when technology was not so sophisticated- what all I remembered was early 90’s having a landline was a great thing; life was all about landline, black and white television, forget about computer and mobile it was a rear product to have in our homes. Do you remember how a computer looked like? It was the size of a microwave with a black and blue screen. To use the internet was a whole different scenario, loading pages and long waiting time to download anything. Nostalgic right, slowly technology dominated the world and let us see how.

Do we think of any instrument with cord, everything is wireless, let us see big achievements in technology over the past three decades. Starting from cordless phones to smartphones, painfully slow dial-up signals to uninterrupted wireless signals, TV antennas to Dish satellite TV, hand video games to Xbox, compact disks to pen drives to flash drives there were so many discoveries. In the noughties, there are new different advancements such as Skype, Google, Google Maps, YouTube, Bluetooth, Facebook, Electric cars, and many more. These all completely transformed the way we communicate, the way we travel, the way we gain knowledge, and the way we look at advancements. The Internet changed the way people live, work, and operates today.

Currently, digital is the trending buzzword everywhere and with changing environments we have to update ourselves to sustain in the present time as a business and also as an individual. Now, flash drives became almost extinct with the dominance of cloud storage like iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. With so many new technologies evolving, how will be the future can we even imagine?

The future will be technology-driven with a blend of physical and virtual environments. All we read and saw in the fiction books and movies might come true; imagine coffee brewing itself in the kitchen or your smartwatch signals you that you are hungry, exciting right. Everything will be streamlined with technology, getting work done will be easier, instruments will make lives simpler. While Smart will be the new buzz with minimal human interference, future influence of technology will be consequential with requirements and is completely unexpected, wonders might happen.

Author: Tejaswini Kolli || Senior Analyst and Marketing Data Associate