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Maganti IT Meetups offer opportunities to network, share knowledge, innovate, and make great things happen. Each month, we're joined by industry experts and thought leaders right here on our premises, ready to share their insights with our team and aspiring professionals from across the city. Curious about what's happening next? Subscribe and stay in the loop with all our latest and upcoming events.

It's all about having a good time
while doing great things together

Meetup fosters community and self-improvement by uniting individuals through
activities and shared interests, promoting discovery, learning, and personal growth.

Diverse Niches for everyone

We're in for anything and everything- whether it's code, creative writing, donation or a game of cricket.

Knowledge Sharing and Learning

Platform for employees to share their knowledge, experiences, and expertise, facilitating professional growth and development.

Emerging and Upcoming

Gain insight into emerging strategies, the latest innovations and best practices to accelerate your career trajectory.

Our Activity : Featured Events and Donations

We work to create lasting impact for employees, community and creating a meaningful culture through meetups.
We strive to not only achieve business success but also contribute positively to society and the environment.

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CIRI-Hope without
We have contributed to the mission of the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants (CIRI) by donating $1000 as an annual gift. This donation is a crucial part of our commitment to CIRI's efforts in fostering hope without borders.
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Intra-Sports Event
2024- VIJ
Understanding the immense value sports bring to personal development, team cohesion, and overall employee well-being, we place it right alongside our professional endeavors.
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Eye and Dental Check-up
Recognizing the essential role that oral and overall health play in ensuring our team's happiness and productivity, we recently hosted a comprehensive Health and Dental Check-up event right on our premises.
Upcoming Events

We're always working on putting great events together.
Be sure to check back soon for more event listings.

20th Annual Meet 2024

We are thrilled to announce the 20th Annual Company Meet that is set to take place next month. Mark your calendars, as this milestone event promises to be an exceptional and memorable occasion. Stay tuned for further updates and details.

Seminar: Unlocking growth mindset.

Next month, join our seminar on "Unlocking a Productive Mindset" to shed unproductive habits and maximize your potential. Gain practical tools and strategies to boost productivity, focus, and achieve your goals.

Attendee Voices: Dive into Their Stories.

Let's take a moment to explore how our events have truly been
transformative for numerous individuals. It's quite the story!