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Helping exchange social perspectives in a seamless way
In a consumer-first demographic world, opinion polling helps understand public perceptions and behaviors toward broad-ranging issues. To gauge the different opinions of the public on several topics of interest- Our Opinions had envisioned building a social networking platform where people can connect with each other by asking questions, taking polls, providing their opinion, reading market perspectives, getting product reviews for buying decisions and several other purposes. Our Opinions were to span across various categories like education, entertainment, current events, finance, politics, sports etc. with the capability to expand to various other categories as needed very easily.
Business problem
The MIT Solution
As opposed to the lengthy complex opinion polling, the client wanted to run their website on a platform that is highly available, scalable, easily maintainable, and globally accessible with minimal platform management overhead. As an insights-driven business, the client wanted a flexible solution with an ecosystem of tools and capabilities that helps them measure and redefine how it serves its members and stakeholders. Along with simplified content management, the client wanted platform with high-end infrastructure security that’s reliable and cost-effective.
MIT Resources helped to build a social platform in a modular approach which gives capabilities to add functional modules in an agile methodology to raise questions and polls, share ideas and opinions and learn from other experiences. This platform's modules can be enhanced and configured easily with little efforts. and MIT Resources chose Azure as an underlying platform to deploy the application code and leverage Azure PaaS and SaaS capabilities for low maintenance, scalability, elasticity, and security.MIT chose C sharp and .NET as coding language along with html and css for frontend and MS SQL as database. For easy and quick user onboarding signing with LinkedIn, Facebook, gmail etc. is allowed which allows user to use their existing social media credentials and there is no need to create new or signup from starting to provide better user onboarding experience. MIT Resources leveraged advanced features for security, automation, cloud-native monitoring, logging, alerting and automated code build and deployment using Azure DevOps.
Maganti IT Resources deployed the website on Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) which has mem-cache based browser level caching; Redis-based edge level and API calls to the databases. es. Our Team chose different app service plans and app services for the admin portal, reporting, frontend and Api code base. The application is designed in MVC (Model-View-Control) pattern, with html and css based frontend, having api calls to MS SQL based backend. Based on the feedback, the team is planning to introduce more such environments and have additional advanced features like Data Analytics, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
Client Benefits
By leveraging our Maganti IT services, the client has witnessed benefits such as development of better product at lower cost,
Improvement in Speed to Market, Cost Reduction enabling accelerated business growth and efficiency.
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Improved Performance+
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Agile Cloud
Quickly respond to evolving business scenarios with agile cloud onboarding.
Strategic Changes
Implement rapid changes in organizational strategies with agile technology.
Omnichannel Devices
Gain anytime, anywhere business intelligence with omnichannel devices.
Connected Ecosystem
Improve deployment lead yime through a connected ecosystem of stakeholders.