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What our clients say

Carlos Maldonado, C & R Yard Pro

Thank you for the work you did with the rebrand. We have been getting very good feedback on the new website, logos and business cards. The website in particular is proving very beneficial. Having a mobile enabled site with a fully integrated content management system is proving to be very useful, and also proving to be a key marketing tool to help us compete for new business. Once again, many thanks for your help and support throughout the entire process.

Maganti IT Resources LLC, Rocks!!!

Candace J. Kosinski-CPA, Proprietor, CPA AuditPro 411

Maganti IT Resources, LLC did a FABULOUS job on my website! Even better their fees were VERY reasonable, and I received a lot of very helpful tips as well! Throughout the steps for developing my website, I received a lot of guidance and we had several online calls so that my site would be set up exactly as I wished. Maganti also helped me pick out a logo and assisted me with many questions as I advertised on Facebook! I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Maganti LLC to any small business which desires to set up a website!

What our employees say

Meghanath Nagulapalli, Java Developer

If a house has strong foundation and pillars, the house stands the test of time. My experience with Maganti IT Resources, LLC has been akin to that. I have been working with them since 2017. After my graduation, I was lucky enough to find an employer such as Maganti IT who guided me through each and every step to become a software professional. They are always there for me just like a family. I strongly recommend my employer as an option to those individuals who are looking for a right guidance to establish their career in their respective fields.

Kishore V, Project Manager

I worked for Maganti IT Resources, LLC for over for 6 years and so far, the experience had been nothing less than amazing. I can concentrate on the work and need not worry about anything- everything from visa filing- paycheck- support, everything found to be seamless. The Owner and the staff, especially HR were very professional and courteous in any matter I brought up with and tend to resolve quickly and amicably. I'd highly recommend MIT for any consultants that look for good employer for Visa jobs/ Green Card filing to any project delivery in a timely manner.

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I worked at Maganti IT for over 3 years. The HR and the recruiting team were very helpful. Great experience with highly professional staff! Very open and transparent about their process. Always keen to help you in every step of the way.
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Programmer Analyst

I worked as a Developer for almost 8 years of which 4 years on H1b. I have had the privilege to work for Maganti IT Resources. This company has some of the best people that motivate and encourage you to do better personally/professionally and grow as an individual. I have worked for quite some time with MIT and I never had a problem either when it comes to job satisfaction, salary or paper work. They are super keen on making sure all the paper work is in right order and address issues in a timely manner. All I could say is as an employee I was super happy.
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Software Developer