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Our client, a leading sensor manufacturing company, has been facing a number of industry-wide challenges that have been hindering their progress. One of the major issues they have been dealing with is a prolonged software development lifecycle. This has been causing significant delays in getting their products to market, which in turn has resulted in a loss of customer base. Additionally, the company has been struggling with siloed developers, which has led to a lack of collaboration and communication among team members. This has further exacerbated the problem and made it difficult for the company to address code quality concerns and confidently deploy code to production.

As a result, the client encountered frequent downtime that has caused further delays in the development process. In order to overcome these challenges and regain their competitive edge, our client needed to adopt a more agile development approach and invest in improving code quality and deployment processes.





Prolonged software development lifecycle and code quality concerns

Success Highlights
  • - Reduced time-to-market by an average of 33% with CI/CD pipeline
  • - Over 50% increase in experimental capabilities by driving continuous improvement and innovation


In response to the surging demand for sensors driven by technological advancements, our client has strategically chosen Azure DevOps as their CI/CD platform, entrusting Maganti IT Resources with the pivotal tasks of constructing pipelines and managing their Azure infrastructure.

Azure DevOps, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offered by Azure, seamlessly integrates with code repositories such as Git or Team Foundation Server (TFS). It can efficiently build code, considering defined dependencies as per the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline, and deploy code to multi-regional web apps. For our current project, we utilize GitHub as the repository, and Azure DevOps pipelines serve the dual purpose of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, ensuring a smooth deployment process for Futek's e-commerce website.


Within Maganti's development teams, the creation of application code for new functionalities serves as the catalyst for an automatic trigger of the CI process. Subsequently, the packaged application is deployed onto the Azure platform, following the proven methodology of Azure DevOps. has context menu

CI/CD for Azure Web Apps: Accelerating Development
CI/CD for Azure Web Apps: Accelerating Development

Experience streamlined web app development with Azure Web Apps, our chosen solution for rapid creation in ASP.NET, Java, Node.js, Python, and more.

Architecture and Dataflow: Orchestrating Efficiency

Opting for Azure Pipelines proved a robust approach to visualize our CI/CD pipeline's architecture. From code changes in Azure DevOps Git repositories to meticulous deployment to staging and production slots in Azure App Services, every step is thoughtfully orchestrated.

Considerations: Elevating Operational Excellence

By expanding environments beyond staging and production, we've enhanced operational excellence and enabled functionalities like rollbacks, manual acceptance testing, and performance testing to bring flexibility and efficiency to your deployment workflow. This allows you to break free from the constraints of using staging solely for rollbacks, opening new avenues for additional purposes.

Components: Empowering Web Apps with Azure Services

Azure Web Apps, offering Windows Web Apps, Linux Web Apps, and Web Apps for Containers, serves as the cornerstone of our deployment strategy. Azure App Service, the HTTP-based hosting solution, ensures swift creation and deployment at scale.

Global Presence with Minimal Downtime +
Efficient Deployment through DevOps +
Error Reduction and Swift Issue Resolution +
CI/CD Cultivates Innovation +
CI/CD Cuts Time-to-Market +
Collaboration Boost with CI/CD +

Implementing a CI/CD pipeline has reduced time-to-market by an average of 33% features and bug fixes for a competitive advantage.


50% decrease in change failure rates


CI/CD pipelines drive continuous improvement and innovation, boasting a 50% increase in experimental capabilities.

Looking Ahead

The implementation of a customized CI/CD framework, centered around Azure DevOps and supported by Maganti IT Resources, has not only addressed existing challenges but has set a solid foundation for future advancements. With a streamlined release cycle, efficient deployment practices, and a global web presence with minimal downtime, our client is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the dynamic sensor technology landscape.

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