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Being technologically outdated or relying on obsolete systems can hinder the customer experience, ultimately impacting competitiveness. A study by Forrester found that 60% of companies believe legacy systems are a barrier to digital transformation, hindering their ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and meet customer expectations.

Our client, a sensor manufacturing organization, confronted a parallel struggle with their legacy systems. The use of a legacy stack and outdated technology left them at a competitive disadvantage in the market, hindering their capacity to align with industry trends and meet the evolving expectations of their customers. As the gap between their business requirements and the limitations of their existing technology widened, they encountered difficulties in adapting swiftly to market changes, posing a potential threat to their competitiveness and market share.

To address these challenges, the company engaged Maganti IT for a comprehensive process revamp. The goal was to align digital initiatives with market demands, liberating the organization from constant IT management and facilitating a strategic shift toward enhanced operational efficiency.





Modernize technology stack and customer experience for an e-commerce sensor manufacturing client

Success Highlights
  • • Approximately 25% reduction in TCO and operational costs.
  • • 50% reduction in overall resource allocation.
  • • 42% Reduction in process failures requiring human intervention.


Maganti IT collaborated with the sensor manufacturing client for a comprehensive cloud-based infrastructure modernization. This encompassed creating an IT operating model, assessing cloud tools, scrutinizing third-party products, and executing a Proof of Concept (POC).

Key aspects of Maganti IT's role included:

Process Design

Establishing an efficient process design.

Platform Implementation

Identifying and implementing the chosen cloud platform.

Ongoing Support

Delivering continuous support and enhancements.

Process Design

The client confronted a significant challenge stemming from the absence of a clearly defined overall process. The lack of a streamlined process design introduced a level of unreliability into their IT systems, ultimately triggering cascading impacts, particularly when critical processes experienced setbacks.


Our solution involved establishing a robust global e-commerce platform on a reliable cloud infrastructure, not just to resolve existing challenges but also to drive successful digital modernization for enhanced user experiences. We began with a comprehensive evaluation, including process mapping and identification of improvement areas, followed by a detailed proof-of-concept and a tailored implementation plan aligned with existing workflows and procedures.

Platform Implementation

Employing an outdated technology stack and legacy systems placed them at a competitive disadvantage, limiting their ability to adapt to industry trends and fulfill the changing expectations of their customers.


We recommended Azure as the optimal cloud solution, illustrating its effectiveness through a comprehensive proof of concept. Maganti IT oversaw deployment, utilizing Azure PaaS and DevOps to construct a scalable e-commerce site meeting global standards and disaster recovery regulations. Leveraging Azure services, including Front Door, App Services, and SQL Database, provided a potent mix of performance, scalability, security, and operational efficiency for robust application development, especially in e-commerce.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices were seamlessly integrated within our DevOps framework in the cloud, accelerating software development cycles and ensuring industry-leading applications. The choice of Azure SQL for database-as-a-service further enhanced efficiency and agility, resulting in a reliable, efficient, and impactful solution for long-term success.

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Ongoing support with Fully-managed services

The modernization was a grand success, and we were entitled to handle Full Environment Managed Services covering the entire spectrum of managing digital infrastructure- from optimizing costs to implementing robust CI/CD DevOps in the cloud.

This includes proactive monitoring, rapid issue resolution, and continuous performance optimization to ensure a robust operational environment. Our team of experts continues to take charge of security measures, ensuring data integrity and protection. Additionally, we also have been implemented regular backups and disaster recovery protocols, providing our clients with peace of mind.

The Wins
Full Environment Managed Services+
Optimized Environment+
CI/CD DevOps Cloud+
Catalog/Portal Development+
Redundancy Management +
Scalable, Zone-Redundant Solution +
Cost Optimization +
Availability Optimization +
Integrations Built+

Approximately 25% reduction in TCO and operational costs.


50% reduction in resource allocation


42% Reduction in process failures requiring human intervention

Looking Ahead

Maganti IT remains dedicated to enhancing the client's e-commerce application and delivering continuous support. Through the utilization of Azure and Maganti IT Intelligent Interactions, the client sustains robust business operations, adeptly handling unforeseen demands. This sustained collaboration establishes Maganti IT as a strategic partner, actively contributing to the client's long-term success in the dynamic digital landscape.