Get Ahead of the New Skills Demand

Evaluate the manpower inventory and lay a strategy for attracting the best talent.
Search for prospective employees and stimulate them to apply for jobs in the organization.
Eliminate unpromising and select the right candidates to fill various positions in the organization.
The right fit
Get the right candidate and train for the position aligned to your business needs.

Application modernization

We connect businesses with Application modernization extraordinaire who have the technical, functional, and product expertise to deliver application and systems modernization solutions to our clients. We bring you the most acclaimed teams of specialized software engineers, architects and full-stack developers who solve intractable business problems in creative, unexpected and pragmatic ways.

Application Services
Project Management

Searching for individuals who have what it takes to succeed in a project management role, from coordinator to manager-level positions, can be extremely daunting for many organizations.

Successful project managers must have strong communication, technical, and leadership skills—just to name a few. Maganti IT can help you find the perfect candidate to oversee your organization’s most important projects from start to finish.

Data Management

The IT services market for businesses can be dynamic. We have the talent for every position, whether you require services in corporate applications, data management, or infrastructure.

At Maganti IT we take the time to listen to your needs and create IT staffing solutions that exceed your expectations, unlike some recruiting organizations that simply send out stacks of resumes.


We provide User Experience professionals to assist companies with all facets of the UX process, from research and Interaction Design to Visual Design and prototyping.

Our experts perform everthing from Framework, Scripting Mockup, Front-end development, Rapid prototyping and Crowd sourced design.

Artificial Intelligence

Maganti IT is a top AI staffing company that offers top talent resources for various fields. By reducing the expense and time expended by recruiters in carrying out the hiring cycle.

We bring value to your company with AI-based products. Our recruiters can track and find the top applicants for your company using our AI staffing solution tactics.